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​Team work is very important for long lasting eyelash extensions. Please follow the instructions below:

1.Before the appointment
 ​​Although this procedure is no more damaging to applying mascara, we urge you check with your doctor first for allergies, especially if you have a  history of eye disease.

                          Come with NO MASCARA, it can save a lot of time for you                           And the technician.
                          DO NOT curl your lashes.
                          DO NOT wear contact lenses during the procedure.
                          You may bring your favorite music to listen.
                          Remove all eye make up and clean your lashes with a                             mild, oil-free cleanser. Do NOT use oil-                                     Based make up removers.
                          This is a relaxing, sleep inducing beauty treatment.
                          Talking should be kept to a minimum as this procedure                             Requires optimum precision.
                          Relaxed facial muscles ensure maximum results at minimal                           Time

2.​​​​  After the appointment

DO NOT use steam rooms, saunas or swim for the next 48 hrs.
DO NOT use oil-based products, eyelash curlers, perm or tint the lash extensions.
Gently remove eye makeup with OIL-FREE cleansers.
NOT RECCOMENDED to use mascara, but if you have to, use only water-based mascara.
DO NOT rub your eyes DO NOT wet your lashes for at least 24 hrs.
or attempt to pull off loose extended lashes.
For better look, gently pat dry your lashes with tissue, and you may use eyelash comb to groom any stray lashes. Only comb the lashes if needed. Overly touching lashes will cause them to fall off quickly.
DO NOT attempt to remove the lash extensions on your own, seek for professional to remove using special remover or let them fall away by themselves.

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