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Japanese Eyelash Perm

This perm allows dramatizes your natural lashes, giving them a dolly effect without the use of mascara or curlers.

A keratin treatment is applied using a silicon rod to lift your lashes from the roots to the tip to accentuate the full length of your natural lashes.

  • Suitable for all lash lengths
  • Lifts make the lashes look longer and more naturally curled
  • The artificial keratin (a protein found naturally in hair and nails) helps strengthen and improve the health of the natural lashes
  • 适合任何长度的睫毛
  • 多种翘度任您选择
  • 啫喱用的角蛋白让睫毛更加健康,防止受损
  • Suitable for longer lashes
  • Gives lashes a u-shaped curl
  • 适合长睫毛
  • 娃娃烫让睫毛显示卷翘

Keratin Lash Lift