JJ Lash & Skincare


Taking care of your skin is a must for everyone. It is the first step to a vibrant, youthful appearance. A routine facial can reduce fine lines, acne, scarring, pigmentation and combat any other concerns!

Gold Therapy

Gold Therapy is a skin care method that uses pure gold. The element’s natural conductive properties allow for its fast and effective penetration into the skin, creating an anti-aging effect. The revitalizing effect of gold generates 100% collagen, firms the skin, erases signs of aging, awakens the skin’s source of power and creates a new touch of supple skin.



Casmara Facial Treatments

Pro & Prebiotic Treatments

Youth Activator

6 Phase Treatments

  • Eye Perfection Treatment - Eye Contour
  • Infinity Treatment - Anti-aging, Youth activator
  • Age Defense Treatment - Pro & Prebiotic
  • Goji Treatment - Antioxidant

Laser Carbon Skin Rejuvenation

aka Black Doll

The goal of this treatment is the whitening (lightening pigmentation) of skin. Through specific wavelengths of soft light patented technology, the light acts on the melanin in the epidermis and deep dermis. This treatment removes blackheads and reduces pores using imported black magnet and charcoal powder, both of which have deep penetration characteristics. Furthermore, the high heat energy generated during the treatment  stimulates the renewal of skin cells.